How to choose a professional movers in New York City

Moving is one of the most stressful events in their life one way to make it less stressful is to choose a quality trustworthy moving company to handle your move we’re going to give you five simple tips to help make sure the New York moving company you hire has your best interests at heart.So here are some tips for you to get the best movers in New York City.

Choose a moving company with a local

it’s easier logistically for them to handle your move someone out of your area will have
to drive your home to do the move increasing your costs also hiring
locally means you can check them out go down to their offices and see their
operation and see that it’s a legitimate business doing this will put your mind at ease.

Make sure your mover is licensed and has the proper insurance

If you’re moving within the state check with your state to ensure that you’re moving company is licensed if you’re moving to another state make sure the mover is licensed by the federal Department of Transportation go to the website protect your move gov and click search movers and complaint history
enter your company’s information to ensure they’re licensed and also to see unresolved complaints however just because you’re moving companies license doesn’t mean it’s a good moving company there are still other checks for you to do like ours.

Get a recommendation

no don’t just ask the company for recommendations try to find out if there are local companies that regularly use the movers repeat business is a solid endorsement also search for reviews about the movers online just enter the name of the moving company on a search engine like Google and enter
the movers name and the word reviews one word of caution no moving company will have only positive reviews in fact if that’s the case you should be skeptical an occasional negative review is to be expected no company always has satisfied customers tip number. In-home estimate talk to at least three moving companies in-home estimate talk to at least three moving companies and have each come to your house to see exactly what you need to have moved if the only way a moving company will know what you need to have moved and it’s the only way to get an apples-to-apples comparison of what you’re moving costs might be.

Moving quotes make sense.

Make sure the moving quotes make sense we all want to save money when we move but if you get an estimate of a moving company that’s much lower from the other moving companies you spoke with be skeptical how can they charge so much less do they quote you a low price now and try to add costs later and our final tip understand your pricing if you’re moving locally you’ll probably be paying by the hour
make sure the rate is explicit if you’re moving to another state or a long distance within the state you’ll likely pay by weight understand how you’re paying also make sure any additional expenses are spelled out particularly packing expenses that are it if you follow these simple guidelines you’ll be well on your way to hiring a moving company that will handle your move professionally.

How to Move Antique Furniture

It is very significant for your mover to know how to move a collector’s item. If you don’t know how to move the collector’s item if you try it then it can be expensive and may cause damage to the object. At first, you should check the measurement and standard of the antiques. These items are not to be moved by amateurs but must be moved by antique moving professionals. If you helpless and a problem occur like you can’t hire professional antiques then you can move the antique by four to five people. They will net to dress it up really well and then move it with extra care.


The easiest way to move the antiques is by packing and then taping it. It does not only lessen the worries but also helps it to move easily. However, you should tape and tighten the furniture very accurately in case some damage may occur in moving it. At first, you will have to pad the furniture’s product. To pad you will have to start from the bottom to protect the edges of the antique. Then secure the antique with a piece of cloth and then tape it with extra care especially at the jagged edges. These types of paddings are carried out in Armories.

The way to get an accurate hold on the antique packing is to tape it with every angle and with the extra care it will be enough for you to not worry about the antique. The tape should tighten carefully because to avoid any constant damage to occur. Large antique furniture products can’t be carried through the stairs of a place. If you want to move it out the house then the upper room window against the lawn will be a good idea for you.


When moving the antique furniture doesn’t hold it too tight because it can damage any old objects at its edges. Some type of antique furniture contains glass in their edges. To avoid any accident or damage to you and the antique you should cut out the edges for the glass right at the bottom. You should know that moving antique furniture is the job of some skilled team to take care of these valuable goods. If you want to find experienced antique furniture movers then you should check out online on the internet because moving these types of things is very risky.

Commercial Moving

Making Commercial Moving Easy

Running a business is extremely difficult, and it will get even harder once you decide to move offices to a new location.  You might start wondering where to start and how is it possible to continue running the business and move at the same time.  Those are valid thoughts to have when trying to keep a business operating smoothly during a stressful transition.  Fortunately, there are plenty of commercial moving companies that can assist you in the move to make it as easy as possible.

Here are a few moving tips to make commercial moving easy:

Make a few small moves:

If you’re business allows, you should try and make a few small moves at a time so that you can still operate the business, but also move items to the new location that are not necessary during the day to day work.  Making a few small moves to your new location will ease the burden of having to move everything at once.

Weekend Moving

If you’re a business that is closed on the weekend, then this is the perfect time for you to move your business to it’s new location.  You have two full days to get everything out of your old building and loaded to transport to the new building.  If you feel like you can’t move everything in those two days, then save the next half of moving for the following weekend.  Some business owners are open at both locations during a big commercial move, which might be the best option for you.

Get Help

If you have close family or friends that are willing to help you in your move, then it would be wise to reach out to them for assistance.  The more people involved in the move the faster it will happen and the quicker you will be in your new building.  You can always pay your dear friends and family with pizza and beer, that always seems to get enough people to lend a hand.

Rent a Truck

Renting a truck is a big piece to the moving process.  Finding the right sized truck will make it easy to get all of your belongings packed and loaded ready to move.  If you are an efficient packer and loader, there might be a chance that you can get everything moved in one trip.  Of course the size of your business will play a role in how many trips are necessary to complete your commercial move.

Outsource it

You’re running a company, not a moving company!  Outsource the work to reliable commercial movers that have years of experience in moving businesses just like yours.  Chances are these moving companies can get your business moved in 1-2 business days, depending on whether it’s a local or long distance move.  Leaving it to the professionals is the safest way to ensure a successful move and smooth transition.

Why Hire Professional Mover

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mover

Moving process is one of the most difficult periods that we get to pass through. This is because we not only have to part with a place that has been so close to our hearts for so long but also has to decide on the means that we will use to move our belongings.

Should we hire a professional mover? Should we do it by ourselves? These are some of the dilemmas that we get to face whenever we decide to move. The following are some of the benefits of hiring professional movers which might help you make an informed decision.

Voluminous package

You do not have to worry about how much bulky your belongings are. All that you need to do is hire professional movers and they will carefully pack your things together and transport them in large quantities.

Any time professional movers carry your commodities in large amounts at a go, it makes you save time and extra cost.


How your things will move should be the least of your worries whenever you hire professional movers. When you have purchased their services, they will take care of your items and because most companies have vehicles of various sizes all your items can be carried easily-all while leaving them to do the heavy work for you.

Less tedious and cumbersome

Anytime that you hire professional movers, you tend to save on labor. All the heavy lifting, packing and transporting which can leave your body fatigued are left to them; which will surely save you a visit to the doctors.

Saves time

As much as it can be pretty expensive using professional movers, one benefit that surely covers for its drawbacks is that they save on the time taken to move. Pros can surely pack things much quicker than you; have big trucks which can carry a lot of items in one go which saves on the number of trips that have to be gone which ensures that more work is done within a shorter time span.

Peace of mind

Anytime that you hire professional movers you will have the peace of mind. How the items will be transported or how big the task at hand is should the last thing that will be bothering your mind.

Overall savings

Most people don’t know this but anytime that you hire professional movers, you save on your overall budget. It is cheaper to hire professional movers because if you decided to move by yourself you’ll be forced to rent the moving track and purchase packing items an exercise which can be very expensive  

Four Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move?

Moving is not only a stressful undertaking but an expensive one, too. First, the company you hire to move your valuables and belongings is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As with most professional services and companies, there are rogue moving companies that prey on homeowners. It’s, therefore, important that you get it right when hiring a moving company to help in relocating your personal belongings.

When it comes to moving expenses, you’ll rarely come across a company that offers incentives or coupons. Usually, it’s upon the homeowner to find ways to cut costs on their move and make it affordable. The following moving budget tips will help you save money and avoid breaking the bank.

Choose the Moving Date Wisely

Moving companies are usually in high demand from June through September which means you’re likely to pay higher prices for your move at this time. Most movers are already booked during this season. Plan your move during the fall or winter during the off-peak moving season. It’s cheaper to move at this time that during spring and summer.

Start Sorting and Parking Early

Perhaps you should seek free moving supplies before you start sorting and parking. You can find them from your friends, family, online marketplaces, or local stores. This will help you save some money. Remember moving boxes aren’t that cheap. You can use any packing materials in your house. Once you have the free boxes, you can begin sorting and parking your belongings a couple of weeks before the departure date. If there are items you haven’t been using or that don’t seem to be of any sentimental value, you might want to get rid of them. You don’t have to pay for things that are of no use. You’re not only cutting your moving costs but decluttering as well.

Get Several Estimates

Don’t settle for the first moving company you come across. Take your time and shop around, getting several moving cost estimates from various companies so you can compare and choose the best option. During your research, be sure to ask for references and check out reviews before deciding whether or not to hire the company.

If possible, Book Early

As mentioned, moving companies are usually fully booked during the peak season. No matter when you’re planning to move, the earlier you do your research and book a moving company, the better the chance you have to find the right mover. Furthermore, you’re also likely to be quoted at a better moving rate. Waiting till it’s a few days to your moving date will leave you with limited choices and you’re likely to pay higher charges.